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Mike and producer Naomi have been busy working away at applying for further finance. Notably, Mike has been working very hard on script development, tightening up the script both from a story standpoint. This simplifies our approach, enabling us to make the film we feel so passionately about with the funding we have from the crowd fund, thanks to you lovely lot and some additional donors.

This has been a tricky process, akin to fitting a pint in to a half glass. Three days of filming in to two. We feel the script is only improving with each draft. We’re now very close to getting the funds to match up with a script that we’re both happy with and we most certainly do not see the last few months as wasted time.

Mike and James Oldham (DOP) plan to shoot some footage around Manchester in the coming weeks so watch our social media feeds for updates on that. This contemporary part of the story is being shot on film, so should garner attention. After this we will have a production meeting to plan two days of filming of the story elements set in 1943, a bigger challenge.

In the meantime if you know anyone who would like to help fund the film please do put them in touch with Naomi as we’re not looking for huge donations to get us fully over the line.

Almost there.